A Dog Is Your Bestfriend

A pet is your best friend. They wait for you to come home everyday, even if you’re stepping out for a few minutes. They will love you endlessly and will always be there for you. I believe they know when you are upset, so they provide comfort and cuddles. I currently have two dogs, Trixie and Meeko. Trixie is a little shih tsu who is eight years old, and Meeko is a one year old black puggle.

Whenever I was upset Meeko would sleep on my bed every night under the covers with me, and believe it or not I felt much better knowing I had some love and support. Trixie would just lie on the end of the bed or on the floor, but I know she cares.

My first dog was a pug named Taz. I’ve had him since I was five years old and he passed in 2014. He was and still is the best dog ever. He was everyone’s best friend, and his death had such a terrible impact on all of us, especially Trixie. They were inseperable; they traveled everywhere together and even slept in the same tiny bed. After he was gone, she stopped eating and being her playful self. She would wait at the front door from the moment she woke up till she fell asleep. We all felt bad for her so we got another pup (Meeko) to distract her. She was still upset and I am sure she will never forget her best friend, but Meeko did help with everyone’s sadness. The vet said Trixie’s maternal instincts kicked in, which is why she became very lethargic and uninterested in most things that she would normally go crazy over. Keep in mind that he was not a replacement, but just a new addition to the family.

So what I’m basically saying is don’t take your pets for granted. They care about you more than you think they do and they think of you as their best friends they’ll ever have. They need love and care just as everyone else does.


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