July Favorites 2017

These are a few things I have been loving and using quite frequently during this past month. Let me know some of your favorites and I’ll try them out!


Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Sneaker (Maroon)



Steve Madden Platform Sneakers

(Stella McCartney Dupe)



Gucci Disco Bag (Clementine)


I received this bag as a gift. I first saw it on the Gucci website, but once I found this color on a vintage site (What Goes Around Comes Around) I fell absolutely in love. It is the perfect size. It looks small, but it fits everything I need with additional space. I am wearing it in the previous picture above.

Essential Oils

I have both acne prone skin and dry skin from my eczema, and I have tried both high-end and drug store moisturizers that won’t set off the balance in my skin. I learned to control my acne, but I was left with dark scarring all over my cheeks and nose. I came across Vitamin E oil in Trader Joe’s and applied about 2-3 drops on my face every other day, and the results were amazing. My skin had a subtle glow and my scarring slowly started to fade. I then applied it everyday before I went to bed and after about two to three weeks, my scars completely faded. I have had acne and scars for five years straight and tried everything in my power to get rid of it. Coconut oil was always a must-have in my beauty regiment, but I only used it for my hair as a deep conditioner. Because the Vitamin E oil is quite thick, I did not want to wear it during the day, so coconut oil was my substitute. It gives a nice dewy look, while the Vitamin E oil provided a glow to my skin. I have gotten many compliments on my new look. I made these oils the only face “makeup” I wear in the summer with a little mascara and a nude lip.


Milk Makeup Hilighter


I have always wanted to try any Milk product, and this one has not let me down. Milk is a vegan brand that aims to create makeup that has benefits for your skin. This hilighter is infused with mango butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil for hydration. I use this on an everyday basis as an eyeshadow base, hilight for the bridge of my nose, cheek bones, cupid’s bow, and brow bone.


Lob Haircut (Long Bob)

My hair was always super long and I wanted a new look without anything drastic, so why not cut off most of my hair?


Amy Ordman (Youtuber)



My sister introduced me to Amy’s youtube channel Amy Ordman, which is a vlogging channel. She is an Australian native living in Los Angeles and she talks about funny experiences and her life in the LGBTQ community. She is absolutely hysterical and her videos are so addicting to watch.





(Pictures taken from Google)



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