Smorgasborg, Brooklyn

I went to Smorgasborg in Prospect Park, Brooklyn for the first time yesterday, and it was amazing. The main one is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I went with a few other people, but I was not able to get a picture of everything we ate, but I will definitely go back again before the summer ends.


These are the only things I ate. I had truffle fries with lemon garlic aioli as a dipping sauce from Home Frite and a vegan matcha cup with chia seeds, granola, mango, banana, dried pineapple, dragonfruit, and strawberries. The matcha cup is from the Ube stand, which had Filipino desserts. Ube is a purple yam staple in the Phillippines and other Asian countries. Unfortunately, I did not try the ube ice cream because I was so full. I also got a grapefruiterita shown next to the matcha cup.

These next items are a chocolate glazed doughnut from Dough, a lobster roll, a ramen burger, and shaved vanilla ice cream with Fruity Pebbles on top from Wooly’s.

What I did not get pictures of was philly cheesesteaks, pork dumplings, hot boneless chicken wings, and fish and chips, but I sure wish I did.


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