One Week of Summer

My summer job came to an end, which left me one week of summer to myself before school and my other job begins. I did not go anywhere crazy. I just took advantage of NYC and spent most of my days there. I really enjoyed my brief time upstate at my boyfriend’s grandmother’s house, so I asked to go there for two nights with my pup Trixie.

The three of us left in the afternoon as opposed to nighttime, which is when we left last time. Driving through the Catskill Mountains at night when there are no street lights is quite terrifying if you don’t know the area well, but during the day it is absolutely breathtaking. The picture above is of a corn field and at the end I was able to spot a cute tiny farm with a few cows and horses.


My baby Trixie (8 year old baby) loves car rides more than anything in the world. She sometimes hits the window button to roll it down. She rests her head on the door and lets the wind hit her face for three hours.

Trixie has some extent of anxiety, where she gets frightened by noises or things she’s never seen before. For example, a skateboarder rode by and she completely froze with one paw in the air and frantic panting and shaking. She’s even scared of other dogs half the size of her. I try to bring her out more to get her more comfortable with the outside world. To my surprise, she was immediately comfortable with the house and environment.


The following day, Dylan and I explored the streets of New Paltz. There were so many cute antique and thrift shops. We looked at vintage typewriters, books, jewelry, coins, and so on. We then bought some delicious chocolate from a chocolate shop after we had lunch.

These are some wall decor from a Turkish restaurant that captured my eye.

The next morning Dylan made eggs on the outdoor stove and his gram baked some corn muffins. Her next door neighbor came over for some coffee and a quick chat.

Finally, we returned home and my other pup was more than excited to see his best friend back from her trip.


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