Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

I attended a friend’s 30th birthday on his neighbor’s beautiful Lexington penthouse rooftop. She allowed him to use her space for the party to accommodate all his guests comfortably.

I adore all types of architectural design, as well as interior. The little details of someone’s home can tell a lot about a person. I fell in love not with her apartment’s modern style, but with all the artwork and trinkets I found.

The moment I stepped in, it felt like I was in a small museum for her apartment was a collected dwelling. All the little artifacts I discovered were from her travels around the world, including India, Thailand, and Cambodia

The owner was extremely modest and polite; I had no idea she owned the apartment until I was introduced. She was greeting everyone and serving drinks and food the whole night, while cleaning the dishes and having small talk with all the guests. I noticed she was showing everyone who was interested around certain parts of the space, but I couldn’t help but to ask her about the random ethnic pieces I found on my exploration. I asked if I could take some pictures for this post, and she said “of course” as if it wasn’t the first time someone has asked.


The rooftop was just as beautiful…

The main bathroom caught every guest’s eye because of its eccentric wallpaper. The owner told me she fell in love with it because it reminded her of Alice in Wonderland.

Lastly if you would like to know what I wore that evening:

~ leather a-line skirt – H&M

~ off white ribbed turtleneck – my mom’s from the 90’s

~ suede booties – Stuart Weitzman


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