San Gennaro Feast, NYC

2017 is the 91st year of the San Gennaro Feast celebration, which reflects upon the many Italian immigrants looking for work in part if the lower east side of Manhattan which became known as Little Italy.

The feast is dedicated to Saint Januarius I of Benevento, who is the patron saint of Naples.


All along Mulberry street are vendors of cafe fronts providing delicious Italian foods to carry on the feasts’ traditions.

Because it was so crowded, my boyfriend and I found a cute little modern Italian cafe around the block, called Oficina 1 M. The interior of the cafe intrigued me more than the food. There was an open kitchen and very dim lighting. Along the ceiling were rustic pipes and dainty lamps. The wallpaper was especially homey, almost like I was in my grandma’s dining room.


Right after dinner, we went to get dessert at Cafe Roma, a vendor at the feast, and met up with my brother and his friends to walk around some more.

As for my outfit I wore Express boyfriend jeans, Steve Madden wooden sandals, and a black body suit from Nordstrom. I wore my hair in a low slick back bun and some red lipstick for color.

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