Book Review: Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

A little background on the author: Jessica Knoll was the former senior editor for Cosmopolitan Magazine and an editor at SELF. She graduated from a school located in Bryn Mawr, PA, which is one setting in her 2015 New York Times Bestseller The Luckiest Girl Alive. The novel is soon to be made into a motion picturing featuring Reese Witherspoon playing the main character.

Overall it is an amusing read because it incorporates thrilling high school teen drama which I’m sure most people could relate to with modern day New York City fashion and poise.

Even though the bizarre events TifAni FaNelli dealt with, I still feel I can relate to her. Her character endured an insane amount of challenges, such as physical and sexual abuse, violence and terror, and terrible relationships.

I admired the language of the book, especially since it was written by a former Cosmo editor. If you are familiar with the NYC fashion world it makes reading much more fun and hysterical. It was funny, witty, and overall entertaining; however, I do believe it could have been a little more mysterious and thrilling, which is the genre of the novel.


It wasn’t until the final line that I realized the powerful message the entire storyline was formulating. The protagonist had to revisit her past to find closure and ultimately she realized she can never run away from who she truly is, who is TifAni FaNelli.


  1. Thanks for this review. I saw this book, but didn’t know whether or not I should read it, but I’m thinking I will. Did not know that she was the former Cosmo editor! >_<

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      1. If that’s the case, we should start our book club now. I’m reading another book queued up in two weeks that is also Halloween/October-related.


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