Homeware Haul

My siblings and I thought we should add some decoration to the empty space in our apartment. We decided to get a plant and a stand for it so my dog Meeko doesn’t try to play with it lol. (You can already see he’s trying to check out my little DIY mason jar plants on the TV stand) Our childhood home had so many plants, and it gave the house character and good energy.  We also got a ladder bookshelf and decorated it with little knick-knacks that we all picked out.


The following items were found in Marshall’s, each under $20. My brother filled the jar  with champagne corks he had collected from previous celebrations. He also really wanted some color so he picked out the lantern and blue pineapple. I chose the Guatama Buddha because I love how calm and meditated he looks.


I picked out some plants from Home Depot ($3-5) and transferred them to mason jars from Michael’s (3 for $3). This is super easy if you want to bring some plant life to your home with a quirky touch.


And now my personal favorite is the chrome pug piggy bank in honor of my very first pug pup for 12 years, Taz.


Lastly, I was in desperate need of a new tea kettle. I chose this one mainly because of the pretty copper color.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


How do you like bringing “life” to your home?


  1. Aww that all looks great! The plants are so cute (: Marshall’s is such a fun place to shop. I love occasionally getting new wall or desk decor to change up the mood in my room; it makes me happy to have some variation!

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