New Year’s Resolutions

I never really make new year’s resolutions, but perhaps this year’s clean slate will be different.

1. Blog More

I’ve had my blog for about five months and I’m on and off with it. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about when I first created it. I want to do more travel blogs, especially since I live in NYC. I want to share my experiences so others who want to visit NYC know some good recommendation.

2. Exercise More & Eat Healthy

Ironically, when I was busier I was working out more and eating better. I was going to school every day, going to work four to five days per week, going to the gym, and run a few mornings before school. I find that the busier you are, the more motivated you are to fit something in your schedule. During this time, I looked and felt my best. I had so much energy throughout the whole day, and I really want to try to get it back.

3. Manage Schoolwork Time

I always put school first and I do pretty well; however, I always have been a last-minute person, specifically with school work. I am an English major, so I have more papers due than tests. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. I am a better writer than test-taker, but the amount of time until its due flies right by me. This past semester I let that happen and had two papers due one day, one the next day, and one the following day. It was extremely overwhelming, so I am trying to use my planner and phone reminders more often.

That is all for my resolutions. I personally think having too many is hard to handle and places more work on myself, but it really depends on the person.

Let me know what your resolutions are. Thank you for reading!

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