Engagement Party + OOTN

Love is in the air.

A very close friend, who is basically family, and his now fiancé held their engagement party at the Carlyle Hotel in Upper East Manhattan. The hotel itself is gorgeous and had a 1940s glam feeling. It felt like I was in an episode of Gossip Girl for the night.

Here, I am pictured with Geoff (left) and Matt (right). The lovely couple met at a social event last January and it’s been love ever since.

I am aware that gay marriage is not fully accepted in many parts of the world, but I find that love is love. Period.

Please do not leave hateful commentary for this is just my opinion.

As for my outfit, I chose to wear a sleek tux-like jacket as a dress with shorts underneath (so there’s no wardrobe malfunctions). I paired it with sheer black polka-dot tights for a more playful look. For the shoes I chose a chunky pair of black sandals because I love the socks with heels look.


  1. To be in gossip girl for a night would be a dream! Love love this sleek outfit combo, I have been wanting to pull off a suit combo like this for awhile now. Love is love- so agree. Hope they are happily ever after ❤️❣️

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